Teaching Reviews for Road Safety UK

The 5alive Roadwise Primary Schools Project received a great independent review from John Dabell in Teach Primary Magazine (November 2018) and Primary School Management magazine (January 2019)

Teach Primary Magazine

November 2018

Teach Primary Magazine November 2018


PSM Magazine

January 2019

PSM magazine January 2019


Tech Primary Article Extracts

When asked to list their top concerns regarding their child’s safety, parents are most concerned about bullying, followed closely by accidents on the road. Britain actually has one of the best road safety records in the world. However, road traffic accidents are one of the main causes of death and injury to children of school age. In 2017, there were over  5,000 child casualties aged 15 or under.

The planning, notes and photocopiables that accompany the workshops are impeccable and richly loaded with ideas, questions, scenarios and things to do. These are supported by author video guidance for staff and a number of informative Powerpoints for class use.

5alive-Roadwise will help develop pupils' understanding of the dangers of traffic so that they develop safer strategies and become more roadwise. It would be brilliant for  incorporating into pupil road safety committees and supporting junior road safety officers and will help you actively engage children in developing skills that focus on identifying and responding safely to risk situations.

We all need to be passionate about supporting children to be wiser and safer on the roads and 5alive-Roadwise
is a vital resource, offering sound counsel and inspiration.