Like most things, it is often only after tragedy that we wish we had taken action before. Working through these books can help your child to be wiser and safer on the road.

Each child colours, designs, writes and completes tasks actually in the books so each child requires their own copy of the 5 alive Skills and Activity Books 1 and 2.

Resources for Teaching Road Safety for Families

Families Home Educators help your child to be wiser and safer on the road 1

Families and Home Educators Pack

SRP £33.96

  • 1 copy of ‘5 alive Skills and Activity Book 1’
  • 1 copy of ‘5 alive Skills and Activity Book 2’
  • 1 copy of ‘Let’s go to the Carnival’ story book
  • 1 copy of ‘Let’s go to the Balloons’ story book

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There are over 30 activities; from learning, making and finding information, to designing, drawing, writing and colouring. Some activities require the help of an adult when out and about, observing, counting etc. Children can gain certificates which include ones for crossing the road – holding hands with an adult, and also crossing the road on their own. There are training guide-lines for adults (in each book) and also how to conduct tests with a child. The learning can take several weeks or months – but a life-long skill is always worth the effort.

The pack also includes two story books. The children and adults are going to an event and on the way they have to cross several roads –useful as reminders and fun to read.

More about each of the books including videos can be found by using the appropriate menu buttons for Activity Books and Story Books.