The 5alive Roadwise Primary Schools Project A road safety Project for all ages

All the planning is done - lesson plans with suggested tasks

Booklets for teachers: (one copy for 240, 2 copies for 480, 3 copies for 720, 4 copies for 960) for each year-group (Nursery and Reception are in one Booklet), Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 (for Scottish and NI schools =P1-P7/Y1-Y7)

Each 28 page Booklet contains 4 main workshops/lessons Click to view sample pages. Awareness and Knowledge of Traffic and its Environment, A safe strategy for crossing the road – using 5 alive, Visibility and An understanding of Signs and Symbols (content varies according to year). There is also a choice of longer Project workshops developing the learning of the four main lessons (Ages 5 - 11). Copies of the resource pages are included (most are provided).

The 5 Alive Roadwise Primary Project workshop resources also include: The Road Crossing Song CD (Ages 5 - 7). DVD with welcome video, other short videos for teachers and Power Points for use with classes and bookmarks for children.

  • Interactive learning - whole class, group and individual work
  • Lots of discussion, learning and taking personal responsibility
  • Drama, craft work, planning and design
  • DVD with video for teachers and power points involving interaction and discussion with children
  • Resource pages are in each Booklet and additionally are printed as a resource pack for each year, ready for teachers to use in discussion and other group and individual work (the complete Primary pack has over 250 Printed Resource Pages - so if 30 children require a copy - there are 30 printed copies, or if for 6 groups, 6 copies are included etc.)
  • There’s ‘The Road Crossing Song’ CD (for ages 5-7 - although older children have enjoyed singing it too!)
  • AND bookmarks with The 5alive Code for Crossing the Road - which provides children with an easy way to learn the what and how of crossing a road - and when used every time a child crosses the road enables children to make wiser and safer choices.

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