How it all began

As is so often the case it was after a friend’s child was sadly killed on the road that Jean became concerned about the numbers of children being injured on the road. It was a decision that was to become her life’s work and passion. An M.Phil in road-user education and much practical research with children and adults led to the setting up of Roadwise Education.

Early years

One of the very first road safety books published won 1st prize in The David Thomas Charitable Trust writing awards for the best self-published book (children’s) in the UK.

Moving on

Schools requested Jean to take one or two-hour workshops and with Jean’s background in curriculum development, these quickly grew into half and full-day workshops/lessons being written for teachers to use with their own classes and Jean just leading the Safe Strategy workshops.

Road Safety Awareness Day courses were taken up by schools and the workshops/lessons produced for the teachers included the four key safety aspects which now form the titles of the lessons in the 5alive Roadwise Primary Schools Project.

The decision was taken to publish the Project.

December 2012 the Project was first published. The packaging was simple but suitable.

Exhibitions and partners of the Project


Exhibited at the Education Show. Teachers showed great interest in the Project.


Birmingham and Sandwell Councils become partners of the Project.


October. Exhibited at NAHT conferences: NAHT Cymru in Newport and another in York. Project bought by schools in Wales and North of England.


Worcestershire Council became a partner of the Project

Award finalist and meeting with Government


Project was finalist in the prestigious Education Resources Awards for Whole Curriculum Resource - non ICT. It was the first time that a road education project had ever featured in those awards.


Meeting with Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport who was delighted with Project and said that every school should have a copy.
The Project spreads to schools in all parts of the UK and companies begin to sponsor too.


Project has been bought by schools in all parts of the UK - England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.


Beginnings of companies sponsoring the Project.


Thousands of children and their teachers were asked a variety of questions about the Project
90% of teachers said that they planned to use the Project again the following year 95% of children said they now felt safer after being taught the Project Over 90% of teachers and children liked The 5alive Code for Crossing the Road 90% of teachers agreed that teachers should teach about safety around roads.


Reviews in Teach Primary and PSM Magazines 


The big relocation! 5alive Roadwise Education moved from the Midlands to Southampton

Packaging and inclusion of printed resource pages


When speaking to a Head Teacher - who said that the project was absolutely brilliant, and then added quietly, ‘but there was quite a bit of photocopying’, the decision was made to have copies of the Resource pages printed, so everything ready for each teacher. This necessitated a change in packaging.


As result of above, new packaging was introduced so that now the Project has its own container in which project can be kept and book packaging was used for posting. As one Head Teacher said, 'The pack arrived safely yesterday and I’m delighted with its contents. I look forward to using it with our staff and pupils when they return from holiday. All materials were snug and dry in their protective packaging. Thanks also to your courier for braving the torrential downpour to get it to us.

The project is unique - the first to provide teachers with a comprehensive road-user curriculum for the whole school (ages 3-11). Children are proud to show what they have learnt and there are also evidences of changes in children’s behaviour. Teachers find the workshops/lessons easy to use and interactive - as some teachers have said, ‘easy to use and everything is already planned.’ Great for busy teachers and a crowded curriculum. ‘The children really enjoyed their day and got a lot out of it’.